sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

Show it

Im not a cold person, you say you dont want to talk
you have behaved like its all nice and ok
but guess what my love? its not and i know you know it to
do you want to by some time with this talk
or let me tell you
with this silence
you just start to lost every time you look around
you dont get my love every time it cross your mind that i will forget
dammmm.... im a woman what a fuck do you expect from me after whats been taking place every time we are together
i want a men by my side
am i asking something from another planet from you
you let me down babe, more than 1 time
if you do not come and explain to me what is wrong with you or with me
i get lost
i will
its not what i cant take
its what i need to feel good
to fell like a woman for you
cose until now you have not show me that i put on fire like you say in words
show it

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