sábado, 19 de junho de 2010


Dad, your smile is so gorgeous.

you blind me with your true love.

it´s all around us, it´s what makes me move everyday.

your strong arms, your hug embrace me and make me feel like i´m your little girl again.

i cry when i see you in my dreams, do you understand why i cry?

it´s because i love you and i need you dad.

don´t leave me here all alone, please come back and save me, please...

i don´t belong here, i cannot feel love, only you have space in my sad heart...

i love you so much. i felt you tonight, did you felt me too?

i saw you coming to me, with your arms open, you looked at me, you were so proud of me, why is that?

what do you see in me? i felt the pain in your chest but if you look deep inside my dead body,

you will find fear, you will find also pain.

you will finally see that without you... i´m lost... i´m just a ghost...

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