sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

Dark Angel

around the world, i feel you
close my eyes, shut down my brain, release all my fears and i star to dream when im still awaked.
you arrived and you take me away
stranger, say hi to me, smill me back,
dont cry!
i fell my heart full of energy, full of words, i want to explain myself in ways that i can not understand myself, dont know what, dont know when, but i just want to do it!
steps along the way come to me, i see your face and i run... your face is so closer to my scary face, my blind eyes.
you do not exist, only in my mind, not in the real world.
if only i could die for you... i would be living in a lie.
you are allways right, im so wrong, im a no person!
i only say yes to you cose you are strong, and dark!
i see you... you are a DARK ANGEL..............

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