sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Going Away

If that is what you wanted, you will have it in the hardest way
I´m not afraid of life or pain, i´m stronger than what you might believe
You will miss me. i want to see that true, but you will never miss me, you have never ever love me
Where is the true love you told me sometime ago that you felt for me?
Since i was born, did you ever see the real me?
Was i only a child that you say to them with proud that i was your´s just to impress your friends?
Who am i to you?
I´m i a toy in your hands, was i ever in your heart?
You say you don´t want to see me anymore, you say that i am dead to you, what have i done to deserve this from you?
Do you know how much you hurt me today?
Do you know that you made me cry?
Maybe one day you will understand how does it feel to treat me like you do!
I will never go back and call you searching for your love, if i am dead to you so you are the same to me!
He is not hangry with me, you know it and i know it to, today i saw tear´s in his eyes, he was sad with you, not with me.
I dont know what the future will bring to my life but i will do my best to deserve hapiness, to love and be loved back.
I will not remember you and if i do i will remember the way you hurt me and treat me bad, with no respect
I am a good person, i will follow my dreams, i will run for them, i will be me now and then, sorry if i´m not the person you expect me to be but this is who i am, i like this me and i will not change for you because you have never change for me
What move you to end with all that i dream for me and for my one life?
I will make it, with or without you
In a few years you will look into your past and you will cry, you will find that i loved you even with all the sadness you cause me, you will find yourself all alone and that is the real sadness, i´m not scared to be alone, i´m a dreamer but i´m a strong woman
You will never be more stronger then my faith in me

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  1. No one is really ever alone. There's family, there's friends, a pet, a book... a smile in a strangers face :)
    Life is all around.